Slim's old link page Link-O-Rama! is finally back out of the 'File Cabinet' and off the drawing board! It's hoped you will find some of these interesting.


Be careful here, I haven't near checked out all these sites and the list is years old! They seemed to be OK before, I hope they still are.

Well, its got to have something don't it?

1st Folders; Then Folded!

It seems maybe finally, that this is the correct address and location for OceanSide Express. It seems also like nobody works here anymore. Spooky maybe, but maybe not near as spooky as over at the Ghost Network. See for yourself. Also today we are leaning towards renaming SunShine [the purple tag above] and listing the lead as Charlotte: The Cover Story Thanks for your visits either way.

1st Neocities Gets Folders; Then The Trailer park gets Folded!

Ellie by Ellipsis DeFine
@ Slim's Trailer Park
update 02/26/2015

It was quite the shock earlier here today when the rumor went around the watercooler, and later, throughout the cloak room that The Trailer Park Crew would likely be moved to /oceanside/ and new reporter, Cronkeit Walters would assume control of the news room here. The news dismayed the entire A Channel News Team, except Bogus, who would possibly be kept on for paper shuffling responsibilities, and supply room duties and stuff.

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@ Slim's Trailer Park
update 02/26/2015

Thanks Ellie! Thats right Ellie, when the news broke, at 7:15AM this morning, it was sounding like the entire studio would be transferred to the Zero channel over at the Ghost Network. As far as I understand that would have to be in or near Oceanside. Some of our viewers may remember that as the location of last years big scandal about the notorious Jade Shyster who ran Jade's Place over on Easy Street. Please tune back in for further developments.

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@ Slim's Trailer Park
update 02/26/2015

Fans of RRRR should please reset any Favorite's address to the new location because the old will soon be removed. The new address we hope you follow for the Sunshine page is this one. We hope to expand as time allows. Again time is nearing for the demise of these links. "for the next little while we are holding on to this list of items" that will likely soon be deleted from this area and some probably altogether from the site. Its an attempt to arrest the tedious repetition of the same old links, but to also remember they are all still here, and need to be dealt with.

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@ Slim's Trailer Park
update 02/26/2015

I know, I know, but I just can't help being so proud of my little guys and how they just keep talking and reporting, and reporting and talking when they have exactly nothing to go on about. I do so hope there are no huge unsightly color blocks sitting on the stories. If you can, and are, reading this far down on the page Thank You very much!

Thanks Kyle Drake for inventing "NeoCities" and giving us this opportunity!

OK I confess, Link City and Link-O-Rama ARE just a couple of mostly lame old things I swept up and dusted off, but I think there is SOME potential for interest. I was desperate, and I still am, for any content with ANY potential for interest.

Ellie's Book Links
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There is this really evilbogus says Boo dude here and he has access to the PC that edits this web site and he knows all the passwords and stuff so we feel it only fair to warn everyone that he is the one that tells several major global entities what opinions to have and express, although they all disavow it.

All the rest of us, except Bogus, are not affiliated with any of those sites or any other sites outside of the Bogus13 family and disavow any and all connections nor share any opinions with them and don't neccessarily agree with what Bogus told them to say. That being said there is no telling what Bogus might hack in here and say that we said. Please don't believe that stuff either.

"Other than that not much happened around here today,
now that it comes up, it was a lot like that yesterday."

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A Friend Affair

A Love Story, Pure and Simple

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My Uncles Wife

Requiem For Alice in Wonderland

The Reunion


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